Bath time.

Baby bath time is my favorite. It can be crazy, yes, but they’re naked and cute and usually happy to splash around in the warm water.


Plus there is the adorable hooded towel at the end to really wrap up {punny} the evening.

I’ve learned there’s this nice progression with baby bath time. The sink baths that are on your schedule and a good level for your back and just adorable because this tiny baby is still small enough to fit in a tub in the sink.


Then they move on to the big kid bathtub where they are slippery and they roll and eventually try to crawl/walk all over the tub.

And if they have a sibling or two, it’s like a visit to the splash pad every night.


But here’s where it gets real.

{warning: don’t snack while reading this part…}

{no, seriously…}


One night, we had all 3 babes in the bath, per usual. They were splashing & playing around while Cameron watched them & I laid out jammies & diapers & lotion.

I came back in the bathroom and Harper picked something up out of the bath and says “here mama” – a raisin that we clearly missed when stripping them after dinner…


A few seconds later, I see Ellie with something in her mouth. I scoop it out…another raisin. Weird. How did we miss so many dang rai….


No, literal CRAP.

There is crap in the tub.

Ellie has crapped the tub {again}…



Y’all. I just can’t. There aren’t words.

There were however, showers all around, a deep clean of the tub & the mat & all the toys, and a few days {weeks?} without raisins.



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