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Mama Must Haves: Newborn Twins

Confession: I’m obsessed with baby gear.

Starting with my first pregnancy, my husband & I researched and tested all.the.things. Mainly because we thought it was fun, but also because you never know what can really make your life with baby(ies) easier.

Everyone has their own preferences, needs, and favorites, obviously, but I found mama reviews & favorites lists SUPER helpful when registering. I’ve also found that mamas more than anyone know what they’re talking about when it comes to these things, and I’m forever grateful for the mamas that led me to some of these products.

This specific mama-must-have list is for newborn twins.  I’ll do a separate list for my general newborn must-haves, although some of the same things will obviously be on both.

I’ll just say that with newborn twins, making life easier is CRUCIAL, so here are my first 6-week must-haves.

  1. Double My Breast Friend nursing pillow and/or Twin Z pillow.  I nursed our twins from the beginning, and loved the MBF pillow at first because it is much more supportive for the babies & for the mama when the babes are so small and floppy.  I switched to the TwinZ pillow {pictured} a few months in, but even before that I loved using the TwinZ as a double boppy, and would often lay the babies there before/after our nursing session while using the MBF to actually nurse on.  I’ve heard from other mamas that the TwinZ is super helpful when bottle feeding twins, too, although in that case you don’t also need the MBF!img_4245
  2. TWO Rock N Plays.  Napping, sleeping, hanging out, rocking, I could go on and on. The Rock N Play is one of my favorite baby products ever. Every baby could probably use two, but with twins you MUST have two!img_4298
  3. City Select w/ two carseat adapters.  We now have the double Bob and the City Select, and my husband asks me all the time if we should’ve just gotten the Bob to start with. I tell him {every time} that the City Select saved my sanity those first 6 months. This stroller is lightweight, you can snap in the carseats {MUST HAVE – Britax BeSafe links are included because those are the seats we have}, or a seat & carseat {for toddler + baby – or it has a glider board for said toddler}, it maneuvers incredibly well, and is just an amazing stroller that makes it totally possible to get out on your own with twins + a toddler. FREEDOM.img_4227
  4. Sling and/or wrap. The Sollybaby wrap is my favorite, but I also loved and wore both twins at the same time with my Moby when they were tiny.  A ring sling is also nice to have as it is super fast to put on & easy to wear baby regardless of where you are.img_0086
  5. TWO swings of some type. We had one swing & one MamaRoo, which was great for us. Both were more cozy in the swing at first, but I like the smaller footprint & ease of traveling with the MamaRoo, so was glad we had one of each vs two larger swings.img_0232
  6. Zipper jammies – Gap or Hanna Andersson. ONLY zippers. All the time. No time for snaps, my friends, especially at night. Gap & HA seem to hold up best, are super soft & cozy, and are ridiculously cute.img_0083
  7. Swaddle blankets. Obviously. For swaddling, covering, tucking in, and wiping spit up/snot/milk/your coffee/whatever else you spill or need to wipe.  I love Aiden & Anais brand and the bamboo ones are amazingly soft {but don’t hold the swaddle as well, in my opinion}.
  8. Covered Goods nursing cover. Or carseat cover even if you’re not nursing. This is one of my favorite baby products EVER & my go to new mama gift. The cover is lightweight, easy to take with you, super easy to use as a nursing cover, lovely to wear as a scarf & use as a blanket/burp cloth/whatever you need when not nursing, and doubles as a carseat cover {great with newborns & in the winter!} and then as a shopping cart cover!  MUST. HAVE. We have two & I still use them a year later. img_6693
  9. Oxo wipes dispenser.  Frustrated that every time you end up grabbing way too many wipes?! This thing ACTUALLY solves that problem. Love. Seemed ridiculous to buy a $20 wipes dispenser but I guarantee I’ve saved more than that in wipes by always using only one wipe at a time, especially when you change as many diapers as you do those first few months!
  10. Boppy lounger.  We didn’t have this with our first, but I LOVED having it with the twins. We ended up with two, but both fit on one for awhile {sigh}. It was great to have  a safe place to lay them when they were sleeping {away from toddler fingers}, came in super handy when tandem nursing and I needed to lay one/both down during transitions, and was nice to have a portable soft spot for the babes to hang out.img_4101

I could go on and on {yes, I know it’s a problem}, but I’ll stop and save some products for another list. Any products you’d add for the first few weeks with twins?!

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